Women's Small Group

Our next gathering takes place this Thursday, November 14, at 6:30 pm at Jody's home.

We're learning from a book called "Five Half-Truths: Addressing the Most Common Misconceptions of Christianity" by Flip Michaels.

Hope you can join us!


Five Half Truths Flip Michaels


Women are important to God and they're important to us! Friendships are important too. So a number of women regularly gather every two weeks to encourage each other in their lives and in following Jesus.

As women gather together around the Scriptures and pray for one another, they gain spiritual understanding, support and friends.

During most of the school year, about every two weeks, women gather to connect, study the Bible, and pray. They usually move through a series of learning such as forgiveness, prayer or a book of the Bible. Summer gatherings are often event oriented and focus on shared experiences like juicing, gardening, boating or hiking.

We're so thankful God provides spiritual sisters and friends on the life journey of following Jesus.

Join us Sunday at 

11:00 am